Tell me your dream

Where does inspiration for my designs come from ? At times I draw something from the natural world. However, inspiration can also come from a dream. Mine or the clients. Dreams, when put to paper and then transformed into precious jewelry is something truly special. A good example of this is this pink, 18-karat palladium gold necklace with an amazing, custom checkerboard cut, amethyst weighing 33 ct, accompanied by smaller ovals and hand-carved, natural carnelian flowers.


What is the difference between an IF (Internally Flawless) and FL (Flawless) diamond? FL is the overall evaluation, relating to not only to the clarity, but also other parameters,  particularly the cut grade. According to a study, only one in five thousand diamond is rated FL. When I was looking for a 1 ct stone for this unique ring, around the world  there were only two jewels available for sale at with this grade, certified by the renowned GIA institute. On the request of my client, I chose better one. It was accompanied by smaller diamonds with a total weight of 0.50 ct, in white gold 750.

The colour of wisdom

Sapphire has always been associated with the blue color. However, the mineral is present in many other hues. One such is extremely rare yellow variety called Pukhraj, which is a symbol of wisdom and wealth. In many cultures, this color is also synonymous with courage in overcoming boundaries and setting of in new directions. Therefore, the use of yellow sapphire with diamonds, in a white gold engagement ring, is an interesting link to it’s symbolism.

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Mozart claimed that he owed a lot of the themes of his composed works to dreams. However, today composers and designers often build  their  work on a foundation that has already been established, thus transforming part of a history with a new approach. An example is this  necklace, in which the rotated and duplicated treble clef from white gold, decorated with natural pearls, takes on a new abstract expression.

A blue heart accompanied by princesses

The origin of the stylized shape of a heart as a symbol of strong romantic feelings is still controversial. One of the most probable theory is that this character comes  from the appearance of an extinct plant seed called Silphium. It was used in ancient times by the elites as a contraceptive and the shape of the seeds were also depicted on the coins of ancient Cyrene. Sapphire heart, symbolizes noble and passionate love, based on strong emotions. It is no wonder that it is set with diamonds in square cut, called “Princess”

Diamond, emerald and amethyst

Unconventional combinations of color are fascinating.They require courage from both the designer and the objects future owner, but  the same time it allows to express an inspiration, fascination and our personality. Green of emeralds, combined with a deep purple amethyst, embellished with diamonds in yellow gold 750 already in the design phase is intriguing. How much more, if it will be enjoyed in reality.

Ikebana engagement ring

In their natural surroundings, flowers are full of life and characterize the season. It is then that their beauty even more strongly stimulates feelings. Ikebana is the Japanese art of extraction of natural beauty by the appropriate arrangement of flowers and other plants, the art of showing what it was that stirred the imagination of the creator. But how to transfer this concept to the world of jewelry? The key is careful design, selection of the highest quality materials and masterful execution.

A dream come true

Finding suitable wedding rings always consumes a lot of time and effort – from both the client and the designer. Particularly, when it comes to jewelry for a lifetime. This awareness raises many dilemmas and sometimes makes it difficult to make a concrete decision. It is vital, however, to make a commitment  and overcome fears. An appropriately selected jewelry is like a dream come true. It makes the person who wears it feel beautiful and elegant.

Natural jewels

How does one  recognize a high quality gemstone? A factor which first strikes the eyes is the color. The most valuable specimens have a rich, deep and even color, in the most desirable hues. The color ought to be emphasized by the perfect cut, so that the stone reflects light evenly. The value of course is also affected by the the size, clarity, and whether it is completely natural, as in free from any treatments. Jewels of this type make up a small percentage of the total market of precious gems and are worth any price.