How to make an order

Each client recieves individual treatment, from the point of estimation to drafting, there is no cost. Contact me by telephone or email . Replies are often immediate and estimates of the cost are prepared within a few hours.

What should you consider  when thinking of ordering?

In the preparation of the offer includes  all the helpful details requiredd by the future owner. How to wear the jewelry? Do you like the style to be modern or classic? How should you dress it ? Do you prefere diamonds or colored gemstones, for example rubies or sapphires? Any such indications help me prepare a unique proposition.

How much does it  costs?

Many people think that handmade, gold jewelry must cost a fortune. No wonder, since in the jewelry “chain-stores”  just about any  diamond ring costs  3000 zł. Really, I can make a nice piece of jewelry , even for a few hundred złoty.

How is this possible?

Instead of paying for premises in a shopping mall and investing  in expensive counters and lighting kilowatts, I focus on the customer and his needs. Instead of making  a rigid list of products and leave the customer with a dilemma in the form of a catalog with thousands of similar products, I prepare a personalized offer. In a word quality, not quantity.

On the other hand, it is no illusion – a ring of gold palladium with a large diamond can cost several hundred złoty. The truth is that most customers who order my products spend amounts ranging from 3-10 thousand. zł. There are, however, no rigid boundaries and we can freely cross one or the other.

How to proceed to payment?

After an approval of the design, the client  must pay a deposit of the agreed amount towards materials. Then the stones and gold can be ordered and  I begin to work. The finished product then  goes into the studio, where it is photographed. After receiving the pictures and the approval of jewelry the customer pays on the remainder of the balance , and I send the shipment by insured courier.

Can you preview the work on a particular order?

Sometimes clients ask me about photographs showing how a their jewelry . I believe that such photographs are a great keepsake and confirm at the same time , the shots from my studio , posted on the website or in social media , it’s not marketing, and real work done by human hands . The terms of such a session can be determined when ordering.

What else should You know?


From time to time I publish short articles, corresponding to a number of , at times controversial questions you may ask yourself when buying jewelry.  The Articles section helps you to test your knowledge and learn some interesting facts that you do not hear in jewelry stores.

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