Earrings with African chrysoprase

A real jeweler acknowledges not only new technologies but also tradition and traditional methods. This allows to experiment with materials and assemble shapes and colors already in the course of realisation of the project at the bench. The idea for the amethyst combined with African chrysoprase came about after a series of drawings. It was only in the studio, on the table with stones that this remarkable combination, complemented by yellow gold turned into a beautiful composition.

State Guarantee

Today, when buying gold and diamond jewlery we require extra garantees . Each of my works are hallmarked by the state, certifying the authenticity of the material from which they were made and are granted by the District Assay Office.

Stones, such as diamonds have their own certificates, which describe the exact specifications of the jewel. In addition, jewlery authorised by me are stamped with my craftsman logo punch at the culmination of each work.

Art in everyday life

Works, belonging to the so called “fine arts” such as paniting or sculpture, normally are placed in a specific area, such as on a wall or on a pedestal in your favourite room. Most stay in such a place all year. For me, the creation of jewlery is like bringing  to life miniature works of art which you can take anywhere with you and enjoy in each and every place and situation.

Ametrine necklace with pink sapphires

Ametrine necklace with pink sapphires

Ametrine, a mineral with zones of purple and yellow or orange is the natural combination of amethyst and citrine. The stones in this piece were specially shipped from Bolivia. The accompanying pink sapphires complement the composition and give the necklace lightness. The complete work is handmade in 18K yellow gold.