Pink sapphire set

Finding perfectly fitting stones poses a significant challenge. It all started from an engagement ring with pear-shaped pink sapphire. Thereafter, I have been asked to design and make matching pendant and the earrings. However, finding pink sapphires of the same cut, color and clarity turned out to be harder than making the jewelry itself. Only after thorough search I got to stones meeting the requirements. You can see above what was the effect.

Vintage is fashionable!

What is vintage? This style comes from XIX century and consists in wearing things from a different historic period as well as in combining patterns of various epochs. At present, this style is undergoing rebirth. Eclectic design connected with it inspired me to create this extraordinary ring with 2 ct sapphire (which has an amazing, rare cornflower blue hue) surrounded by ten diamonds. Entirety has been done by hand from so called “electrum” – an alloy already used in biblical times – combining gold and silver in a 14K proportion.