truth about diamonds

What’s the truth about diamonds?

In the past, it was enough to confess your love to get married. That was it! Nowadays, situation is a little bit more complicated. Everything thanks to probably the best advertising campaign ever in 1938, by De Beers who exploits and sells diamonds. Plan was simple: you just had to make people believe that the only way for a man to express his love for a woman is giving her a ring with a huge diamond. Advertisement was so successful that today buying an engagement ring is not an option. It is absolutely necessary.

On the other hand, it seems logical that when we love somebody, we want to give him something of the most value. Unfortunately, it has also been noticed by company De Beers and they created a slogan “Diamonds are eternal”. They wanted to stop people from selling their diamonds to keep the market price. It is regrettable to say, but lastingness and value can vary – what can be confirmed by every person investing in diamonds wanting to sell it later with profit. Chances to make a profit are small. We would also have to mention the film „Blood Diamond” where [spoiler alert!] at the end of painful wandering, the “piece of carbon” lands hidden among pile of other diamonds in a safe in London to prevent market price slide.

Taking this into account, many people resign from diamonds or decide to have them as complement to colored stones such as sapphires, rubies or other precious gems that are less frequent than diamonds. Finding white diamonds has never been a problem. Every size, clarity, shape are within reach. One e-mail to Antwerp or New York is enough. Colorful stones are a different story. Sometimes finding the right jewel can last months and they can be much more expensive than diamonds.

Should this statements of the facts pour cold water on diamond buyers? What’s the truth about diamonds? With certainty, this article is to provoke cogitation. It is worth to be fastidious and ask seller some questions before buying. No wonder, diamonds are beautiful. Being present at the concert of opera singer Julia Lezhneva I am sure nothing would give her more glamour than her earrings with 5k diamonds. On the other hand, there is issue of actual value, which has to be solved by every one individually.

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