What is white gold

What is white gold?

Formerly, white gold was an exotic material, reachable only for the elite. Today, it is present in every jewelry shop. Unfortunately, mostly it is only the trade name. Nowadays, most big jewelry companies overuses this term to hide what they are actually selling.

Common practise is making gold alloy in an undefined color, which is cheaper and easier to cast (I think no one here is under illusion that in high-street shops jewelry is handmade not machine made – mostly in China). When jewelry is ready it is galvanized with rhodium plating (metal from platinum group) to give the effect of “white gold”. Unfortunately the plating on rings will wear off with time exposing the not-white alloy which can cause allergies.

What is then real white gold from times, when making a jewelry required sitting at the table and using intellect and strength of hands? It is kind of an alloy which consists metal decoloring the whole into white. To the pure gold palladium is added (metal used in space ships) that is more white than platinum. That’s where another name of this alloy – white precious gold – came from. Its virtue is the fact, that it costs less than material it is often compared to.

This material is valued not only for its qualities but also prestige. In a corporate jewelry shops jewelry made of this material is very expensive. That’s why it is worth to check where it is possible to buy white palladium gold before buying jewelry made of “white gold”.

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